Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wet N Wild Permission to Proceed and OPC pet powder

Hello everyone! Today I have a post on one of the new Spoiled polishes from Wet n Wild. I picked up quite a few the other day at CVS and of all of the ones I've swatched, this one has to be one of my faves!

Permission to Proceed -bottom

Permission to Proceed is a very bright green in the bottle. However, once you get it on your nails, it looks like a true kelly green. The formula is really easy to work with. You will find that you will need to use a shiny top coat because this does have some fluorescent elements in it. That means once you get it on the nail and it dries, it dries to a dull finish.

Four coats of Permission to Proceed

For these photos, I used four coats of Permission to Proceed. You don't need four coats, but obviously the for the first two I put on I was half asleep. I had a big line down two of my nails where I missed getting polish. So I added two more coats to make it look even. I have a base coat of Sally Hansen Strengthening Basecoat, four coats of Permission to Proceed and a top coat of Seche Vite.

For my ring finger, I added one coat of OPI's Fresh Frog of Bel-Air

The Fresh Frog of Bel Air added to this reminds me of Zoya's Ivanka, only with silver glitter mixed in. It looks awesome in bright light!

Awesome Green!

All in all I really like this polish. I've wore it once for three days and had minimal tip wear. It's a very strong pigmented color. Even if you don't really like green, you should try this one out. You can get it at CVS for $1.99 a bottle. I got this one during a buy one, get one 50% off sale!

Lastly, I promised all of my friends who have dogs or love their pets as much as I do, to tell them about a really great product. The product is called Pet Health OPC Formula. It's a pre-mixed powder that goes on your dogs food.

OPC powder

Why is this product so awesome you ask? Well my friend Shari, who owns the local dog store Waggin Trains, recommended it to me after Zeke was having terrible problems with his allergies. Zeke is allergic to flea bites and grass. I know, grass? Anyway, for the first few years of his life he had to go to the vet at least once to twice a year to get a benadryl shot. He would chew himself raw and get big red welts on his skin. When I told Shari about it, she suggested trying this. In two weeks, Zeke's allergies had improved ten fold! He still has flare ups, but not nearly as bad as when he wasn't taking the powder. The actual powder looks like a finely sifted flour and is beef flavored. I would recommend it to anyone who has a dog or cat who suffers from allergies. It can be bought off the website www.marketamerica.com, which also sells some really great all-natural and good-for-your-pet products!

So, I hope that you will try both the polish and if you have a pet with allergies, the powder!



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