Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Today I have a polish from Julep called Jackie! I have waited years for Zoya to name a polish that, but no luck. So when I heard about Jackie coming out in the Classic with a Twist boxes for April, I knew I had to get one!

Jackie! That's me!

Since I am not a member of the Julep maven program and this wasn't available on the website yet, I had to find a creative way to get one. Enter the lovely Sarah, who responded to my post in a nail polish sales group looking for it! I got it for a really great price, half of what the Julep site has it for right now. That's something I really like about the facebook polish groups, everyone is very helpful when it comes to looking for a particular polish!

Julep Jackie 
Julep Jackie is described as a maraschino cherry creme. I'm not a huge fan of red because if it leans towards an orange red, it usually looks horrible on my skin tone. However, this one is more of a blue red, so it's the perfect color! It's actually very close to the University of Georgia red, which I am a big fan of! 

Two coats of Julep Jackie
Since this is my first Julep polish, I wasn't sure about the formula or the bottle. I'm like the clumsiest person on earth, so I figured I'd probably spill it everywhere. While the bottle is tricky, I found that the best way to keep from knocking it over or slopping it around is to keep the brush out of the bottle until I needed more polish. That way I only had to wipe the handle of the long brush off once and I wasn't using too much. The key to this is that you have to work fast so that the brush doesn't get too hard sitting out. As for the formula, it was fantastic. It's everything a creme polish should be!

Julep Jackie up close
Excuse the little bit I missed at the top of this nail! I'm not sure how I did, but we are all human right? Anyway, I think the close up shows what a pretty cherry red this really is! I always hoped that my namesake polish would be blue or grey, but as it turns out, this one is perfect! It reminds me of some of the old Chanel and Oleg Cassini dresses that Jacqueline Kennedy used to wear. Although I wasn't named after her, my grandma used to call me Jackie O when I was little, so I've always been a big fan of hers. This seems like a polish she would have worn with one of those fashionable outfits!

Julep Jackie

All in all, I really like this polish! It turned out to be a big hit for my first Julep. I've already bought another called Leslie for my sister, named Leslie of course! I'm not sure how many others I will get just because of the bottle, but I will definitely be pulling out this one a lot over the summer!

Puppies and Pawlish gives Julep Jackie four paws up!

Before I go, I promised you a picture of Zeke at the recent Beggin for Bail fundraiser for our local Clearfield County SPCA! We were able to raise $225 in two hours for the shelter! (Thank you to Aunt Leslie, Nanny, Grammy and Pop, Lana at Mr. Wags Pet Salon, Dada and Scott, who works with Dada). The money will help out immensely and we hope to do it again next year! Also thanks to Waggin Trains, who hosted the event and gave us a really cool stuffless pig to take home to Brinlee!

Zeke in his jammies in case he had to stay in jail overnight!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

TAYLOR BLUE - OPI (with Fly comparison)

Today I have a wonderful polish for you from OPI called Taylor Blue. The polish was named in honor of 13-year-old Taylor Storch, who was killed in a skiing accident in 2010. After her death, Taylor's family decided to donate her organs, which went on to help five people in need of transplants. In her memory, her parents also started the foundation Taylor's Gift to help spread awareness of the importance of organ donation.

How Taylor Blue came packaged
I had one big reason to pick this polish up. Since I have been 16, I have been registered as an organ donor. I would have done it sooner, but in Pennsylvania you are able to register when you get your driver's license, so that's how I became involved. My dad has had his organ donation designation on his license since I was little and he always explained why it was important to become an organ donor. 

Bottom of Taylor Blue

I picked up this polish from the Taylor's Gift website here. It's a great website and it gives a lot of great facts, like only 40% of adults over 18 are enrolled in state organ donation registries. That means a lot of people are going with out life-saving organs. Right now there are currently over 100,000 people on waiting lists for organ donation.

Three coats of Taylor Blue

I ordered my polish on March 29. And it came on April 11. That's pretty awesome considering Taylor's Gift got hammered with a ton of orders. It came in a cute little cylindrical tube with turquoise and white confetti. It was $10 with $4.50 for shipping and handling. All proceeds go to the foundation.

I know some people have commented on how this polish can run the gamut of teal, blue, turquoise and green. I definitely seem to catch it as a turquoise blue. It's really pretty, and as you will see later a great formula!

A picture without the flash to show the greenish qualities some people are talking about
I can see that this polish will get a lot of wear. And, when people comment on my nails, I will tell them the story of Taylor and why it is important to be an organ donor. If you want to learn more, head over to the Taylor's Gift website at and check out the entire story and the facts on donating your organs.

Paint it Forward

I know a lot of people have been asking about comparisons to OPI's Fly from the Nicki Minaj Collection. While I would have purchased this polish for the message alone, I want to show some comparisons for those who have asked.

Fly on Left; Taylor Blue on Right

In the bottles they do look identical. I tried taking several shots in different light to capture what looked to me to be a small tinge of green in Fly. I will say I like the Taylor Blue formula more, because it doesn't seem to be as thin as Fly.

I think you can see the tinge of green in fly on this one, but maybe it's just me
I did a swatch of both polishes on one hand.

Left: Fly, Taylor Blue, Fly, Taylor Blue
They look very similar, but if you love OPI polish or love the message that Taylor Blue sends, then it doesn't really matter. I know I love this color, so having an extra bottle is awesome. I use it for my toes and fingers a lot in the summer. I have yet to take off Taylor Blue, so I don't know if it stains like Fly yet or not. But it is a small price to pay for such a pretty polish!

Taylor Blue - Paint it Forward!

Puppies and Pawlish gives Taylor Blue four paws up!

Thanks for stopping by! Next time, I will have pictures from Zeke's day in jail during the Beggin For Bail fundraiser through our local SPCA!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nails Inc. - QVC exclusive Westminster Abbey

Today I have a really quick post for you on one of the QVC exclusives that was a part of their Today's Special Value last week.
It was a 10-piece set that included six full sized polishes and four minis. It was $32.88 for the TSV and is now priced at $36.18.

Here is a pic of the set and where to get it.....

Nails Inc. 10-piece Best of British set  (QVC pic)

The colors included are 
  • 0.33-fl-oz The Thames, a cool gray shade
  • 0.33-fl-oz Porchester Square, a mushroom nude
  • 0.33-fl-oz Jermyn Street, a classic taupe
  • 0.33-fl-oz Lower Regent Street, a deep cerise pink--exclusive to QVC until 9/30/13
  • 0.33-fl-oz Tate, a classic red
  • 0.33-fl-oz Great Marlborough Street, a deep plum--exclusive to QVC through 9/30/13
  • 0.13-fl-oz Upper Brook Street, a deep metallic navy
  • 0.13-fl-oz Westminster Abbey, a gold metallic shimmer--exclusive to QVC through 9/30/13
  • 0.13-fl-oz Chelsea Square, a rose gold glitter
  • 0.13-fl-oz Electric Lane, a silver holographic glitter
I picked out Westminster Abbey from the exclusives to show you. It's a gold metallic shimmer that reminds me a lot of The Full Monty from Butter London.

Westminster Abbey mini

It's a pretty shade and I think would make a great toenail color in the summer. It needs two coats, but applies like a dream. I had no bald patches or issues with lines.

Westminster Abbey

Sorry for the crummy pic. it's hard to capture this with a flash and I had no sun to work with today outside. It is definitely a gold metallic. There is no leaning to rose gold or the type of gold in the new OPI Goldfinger polish. And, despite it being a mini, the brush was pretty good.

I also threw on a coat of one of the polishes I was most excited to get - The Thames. I know it's funny to get excited over a grey creme, but I just hadn't found one I really liked....until now!

The Thames one coat

This polish is awesome. It went on smooth and wasn't goopy. It also only needed one coat!! So far, the wear time on these polishes seem to be okay. I didn't have any chips on The Thames after three days. It looks really good on nubbins too. I cut my nails down to get a fresh start after breaking two opening a box. I'm now using Duri Rejuvacote, so we'll see how that works out. 

Before I go, just wanted to share an awesome pic of Zeke I got recently. Zeke will be a celebrity spokesdog during our local SPCA fundraiser next week. He will get "arrested" and have to raise his bail by calling people for donations. It's a great cause for our local shelter, the Clearfield SPCA, which serves several counties, but gets no state help. They rely solely on donations. So Zeke and I are excited to take part!

Puppy Prisoner!!