Monday, December 3, 2012

Royal Baby News plus the Panda is here!!

For those who didn't hear today - Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge, who we affectionately call Kate, announced they are expecting their first child! YAY!
I feel bad they had to announce it before they wanted to since Kate is ill, but I'm hoping the rest of the pregnancy goes smoothly and that the media leave her alone during it!

In honor of Wills and Kate's baby news, I have a polish inspired by the Duchess of Cambridge called No More Waity, Katie by Butter London.
Waity Katie was a nickname the press gave Kate because of the length the two spent dating but still hadn't gotten engaged. I'm glad they took their sweet time, and they are probably the cutest royal couple ever!

No More Waity, Katie
The polish is described as a soft lilac glitter in a lavendarish base. It's very pretty in the bottle and was originally supposed to be a limited edition. It ended up being a big hit, so Butter has added it to their core collection, and used the color to launch their Lippy line.

No More Waity, Katie and China Glaze Spontaneous

I've wanted this polish for a long time, but just haven't picked it up. I'm a member of a group called Polished Panda. It's a group where you send a stuffed panda along with a polish and a postcard to one of the members. The panda came from Amanda to me on Saturday. It was filled with goodies and No More Waity, Katie!

One coat of No More Waity, Katie over two coats of Spontaneous

This is a very pretty polish. I wasn't sure I would like it at first, but the longer I left it on, the more I warmed up to it. The formula isn't as horrible as some have said. It's definitely a different formula than any butter London. It's gritty and thick, but it doesn't seem to be a top coat eater. I used a coat of Color Club topcoat and it covered fine. 

All in all, Puppies and Pawlish gives No More Waity, Katie three paws up! The formula is the only thing that I really dislike about the polish. It's definitely a different color than any other I have, but it's really pretty!

Before I go, I wanted to share a picture of the awesome goodies I got from my Polished Panda friend Amanda! The Panda's next stop is New Zealand, where I'm sending a pile of goodies to Jebba!

Lots of awesome goodies!!

Til next time!