Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Giveaway reminder!!

Hey everyone!! My mommy wanted me to remind you to enter her giveaway so y'all can win some really cool polish!!
Brinlee Belle Wechtenhiser
Before I go, mommy says to stay tuned because she has some great blogs planned for this week!! Oh, and one last thing! I wanna give a shoutout to my nanny - Lydia Wechtenhiser - cause I know she is reading and she likes to see all the cool pictures of me!

Luv, Brinlee 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Puppies and Pawlish Inaugural Giveaway!

It's giveaway time ladies!! I've been trying to get more followers, so I promised a giveaway if I could reach 30. And thank you to everyone who is now following!! No onto to what the winner will receive.
From left are the polishes - Borghese Raspberry Sorbetto with bonus Borghese top and basecoat, Wet n Wild Spoiled Pirates Booty, Jewel Heist and Use Protection. Not shown is the newly added Pet My Peacock which I picked up today! Now on to the giveaway. I want to stress that this is open to ALL of my followers. If you are Canadian, British, Australian...whatever, please enter!! The contest will run until next Thursday. Feel free to blog or tweet about the contest. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

OPI Fly and giveaway news!!

Hello Ladies!!
Today I wanted to share some pictures of Fly, one of the colors from the Nicki Minaj collection! I picked up five of the six shades. I didn't get the Super Bass Shatter because I have tons of shatter I don't use now.

From left: Did It On Em, Fly, Pink Friday, Save Me, Metallic 4 Life

I was most excited to use Fly, because I am a blue polish girl. If it's remotely related to blue, I'm buying it. Since I have a wonderful local salon owner - Shout out to Nails by Nicci in Philipsburg, PA! - she is able to get whatever polish from the new OPI collections I'm looking for. I usually give her a list on a scrap piece of paper and I get a box at my next nail appointment with all my polish!

Fly - a light blue with a kick!

Since I had a nail appointment today with my lovely manicurist Tammie, I decided to get Fly put on since I couldn't wait another few days. All you polish lovers understand what I mean! I love getting my nails done, even though I really don't need to go very often. I have natural nails and usually I go to get the great OPI scrub and lotion as well as some cuticle care. Tammie is awesome. She is a fantastic manicurist and my hands look awesome when I leave. Case in point, see my next picture......

Thanks to Tammie for the awesome mani!!

All in all, I love this color. Of course, I love most OPI colors. Their cremes are awesome and their colors are so fantastic. After I took pictures, I layered some Save Me over Fly. It looks totally awesome as well! 

Fly gets two thumbs up!

Now on to the news of my FIRST ever giveaway! I promised all of my polish friends that if I got to 30 followers by yesterday, I would have a giveaway. So, without further ado, here is a sneak peak of what will be in said giveaway!

From Left: Borghese Raspberry Sorbetto with bonus base and topcoat; WnW Spoiled glitters in Pirates Booty, Jewel Heist and Use Protection

I will have the giveaway up and running by tomorrow night using rafflecopter!! Before I go, I wanted to leave you with a puppy picture of Zeke. Since this is PUPPIES and pawlish, what's better than a little puppy in overalls?

Zeke in his overalls at 4 months!

Until tomorrow,

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wet N Wild Permission to Proceed and OPC pet powder

Hello everyone! Today I have a post on one of the new Spoiled polishes from Wet n Wild. I picked up quite a few the other day at CVS and of all of the ones I've swatched, this one has to be one of my faves!

Permission to Proceed -bottom

Permission to Proceed is a very bright green in the bottle. However, once you get it on your nails, it looks like a true kelly green. The formula is really easy to work with. You will find that you will need to use a shiny top coat because this does have some fluorescent elements in it. That means once you get it on the nail and it dries, it dries to a dull finish.

Four coats of Permission to Proceed

For these photos, I used four coats of Permission to Proceed. You don't need four coats, but obviously the for the first two I put on I was half asleep. I had a big line down two of my nails where I missed getting polish. So I added two more coats to make it look even. I have a base coat of Sally Hansen Strengthening Basecoat, four coats of Permission to Proceed and a top coat of Seche Vite.

For my ring finger, I added one coat of OPI's Fresh Frog of Bel-Air

The Fresh Frog of Bel Air added to this reminds me of Zoya's Ivanka, only with silver glitter mixed in. It looks awesome in bright light!

Awesome Green!

All in all I really like this polish. I've wore it once for three days and had minimal tip wear. It's a very strong pigmented color. Even if you don't really like green, you should try this one out. You can get it at CVS for $1.99 a bottle. I got this one during a buy one, get one 50% off sale!

Lastly, I promised all of my friends who have dogs or love their pets as much as I do, to tell them about a really great product. The product is called Pet Health OPC Formula. It's a pre-mixed powder that goes on your dogs food.

OPC powder

Why is this product so awesome you ask? Well my friend Shari, who owns the local dog store Waggin Trains, recommended it to me after Zeke was having terrible problems with his allergies. Zeke is allergic to flea bites and grass. I know, grass? Anyway, for the first few years of his life he had to go to the vet at least once to twice a year to get a benadryl shot. He would chew himself raw and get big red welts on his skin. When I told Shari about it, she suggested trying this. In two weeks, Zeke's allergies had improved ten fold! He still has flare ups, but not nearly as bad as when he wasn't taking the powder. The actual powder looks like a finely sifted flour and is beef flavored. I would recommend it to anyone who has a dog or cat who suffers from allergies. It can be bought off the website www.marketamerica.com, which also sells some really great all-natural and good-for-your-pet products!

So, I hope that you will try both the polish and if you have a pet with allergies, the powder!


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pups new toys and pic for Eli

So just wanted to share what Zeke and Brinlee got from Christmas from their various grandparents and relatives for Christmas. A couple of these toys were bought for Brinlee when she was at the animal hospital with pancreatitis, but most is from Christmas.
Zeke and Brinlee's Christmas Haul 2011

Brinlee is now into those stuffless animals with squeakers. She picked one out at the general store inside the vet hospital and kept it with her the whole time she was there. So, her grandparents got her some more. Chris and I also got them three squeaky toys each. All of the little ones are Zekes. I realize they are spoiled, but we have donated any clean toys to our local Clearfield SPCA in the past. I think it's time for another batch to get loaded up for our friends there.

The other thing I wanted to share with you today was a picture I took in honor of little Eli. Eli passed away last year and for his first birthday, which is tomorrow, his mom Liz, asked everyone if they would take a picture of Eli's name so she could put them in a book. For Eli's Name Around the World, I went with what I know best, nail polish. Since that's how Liz and I know each other, I thought that would be a great way to honor her little angel. 

Happy Birthday Eli!

That's all for today. I'm getting a post together about a really great pet product, so if you are interested in puppies or if your dog suffers from allergies, check back!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Seven Days of butter London - Tart With a Heart

On the final day of Seven Days of butter London, I wanted to show you one of their fabulous glitters - Tart With a Heart!

I picked up Tart With a Heart at my local Ulta in a duo with The Black Knight. At first, I wasn't sure if I liked it, but once I started to layer it over different colors, I realized how awesome it really is. For my swatches, I used butter's HRH, a metallic purple as a base.

The top label got stuck to the bottom of the duo box. This is what the label underneath looks like if you pull off the SKU tag.

There is no definition in the butter London dictionary for the term Tart With a Heart, so that means it's literally just that. You can find the butter London dictionary, which lists most of the polishes slang terms at butterlondon.com.

Tart With a Heart is a pale pink parade of glitter that carries a dash of grey to tone down the sugar and ramp up the spice. It looks more gold to me, but it's very iridecesent, so its hard to tell.

Middle - Three coats of TWAH. Pinkie, pointer and  ring fingers have one coat of HRH and two coats of TWAH.

This polish is very easy to work with. Sometimes glitter polishes will gunk up on me or not spread evenly. Like the case with the other glitters from BL, this one is fantastic to work with.

Tart With Heart = awesome!

Thanks for reading all of my Seven Days of butter London. Before I end the post, I just wanted to show you one more pic ....

My butter collection!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Friday, January 13, 2012

Seven Days of butter London - CHEEKY CHOPS

Today's Seven Days of butter London polish is Cheeky Chops. Cheeky Chops is described as a banana yellow. The phrase Cheeky Chops is a term of endearment for someone who says things that are a bit naughty, usually a child.

Cheeky Chops - an awesome banana yellow!

I picked up this polish over the summer at Nordstroms. The color is so pretty in the bottle, so I decided to give it a try!

Cheeky Chops
When I got Cheeky Chops home, I wondered if it would be streaky like my Lemon Fizz from China Glaze. My Lemon Fizz seems more goopier than most of my polish, and I didn't know if that pertained to all yellow polishes. Turns out it doesn't!

Two coats of Cheeky Chops

I used a base of OPI Natural Nail basecoat, Two coats of Cheeky Chops, and Seche Vite topcoat. The formula is awesome. I didn't have trouble with streakiness or bald patches.

Cheeky Chops with flash
This polish is definitely a keeper and a must-have for anyone who likes yellow! It would also make a great stamping polish. I took a picture of Cheeky Chops and Lemon Fizz side-by-side. They look similar, but Lemon Fizz is one to two shades lighter. Cheeky Chops is definitely a "butter" yellow.

Cheeky Chops and Lemon Fizz

It's really hard for me to show the difference between the two with the camera that I have. But here is a picture I took.

Pinkie - Cheeky Chops; ring finger - Lemon Fizz; Middle - CC; pointer - Lemon Fizz.

It's really hard to see the difference, but Cheeky Chops is a brighter yellow, while Lemon Fizz is a paler color. They are at least a shade different, but if you aren't a big fan of yellow, you don't need both. However, if I had to pick, I'd go with Cheeky Chops just because of the formula. 

Hope you enjoyed Day 6 of the Seven Days of butter!


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Seven Days of butter London - SLAPPER and TROUT POUT!

Due to techinical difficulties, yesterday's butter post was scrapped. But to make up for it, I want to show you two colors from the brand NEW Spring collection - Trout Pout and Slapper!

Trout Pout

Trout Pout is described as an opaque shade of cantaloupe, pale and retro. In British slang the term Trout Pout refers to a woman who has "overdone" the collagen in her lips so much it gives her a fishy face. I think Trout Pout is a perfect name for another reason - the color looks like salmon.

Two coats of Trout Pout
I absolutely love this color! It's a creme and it goes on exceptionally well. In different light, the color can go from a light orange to a pinkish salmon. Just for my friend Neri from Ask Cathy, I put this on my right hand, on which I have way shorter nails due to an unfortunate melmer accident. :o) It looks good on nubbins as well as longer nails. I'm beginning to think the butter London has the best cremes in the business.
Here's why:


This is Slapper.....my newest favorite polish!! This color is amazing!  It's a truly teal lacquer, bold and very bright. A slapper is British slang for a slut. The actual name might not be pretty, but dang does this polish look good on the nails.
Two coats of Slapper

This is one of the coolest blue/teals ever! It looks blueish in most light, but in darker light it looks green. It's definitely a teal. It goes on like a dream. I wonder what it will look like with a coat of Henley Regatta over it, but it's so pretty on its own, I just left it as is! 

There are three more colors in the new collection. Disco Biscuit - A tropical hot pink with an undercurrent of tiny iridescent glitter particles.; Knackered -  A sheer, twinkling oyster shade flecked with micro glitter particles and Bossy Boots -  Light, opaque pistachio green. A beautiful take on neutral for this season.

Honestly, I think both Disco Biscuit and Knackered are going to be awesome! They are next on my list to get. I think if you are interested in trying out butter London polishes, you should definitely start with one of the glitters and one of the cremes. I bought both of these from Nordstroms.com and they shipped the next day and I got them in four total days. They have free shipping on every order. The butter London site is awesome too. 

And one more thing....Zeke was a little mad his sister made the blog the other day, so he wanted his cameo appearance too!

Read my mommy's blog. She loves puppies and polish!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Seven Days of butter London - DOSH

Today's butter London polish is Dosh. Dosh is british slang for money or cash. On the butter London site, Dosh is considered a molten apple green shot through with gold.

Dosh, a perfect goldish green
When I first saw Dosh in the bottle, I thought wow that's a pretty green. It looks very similar to OPI's Call My Cell-ery with one big difference. Dosh isn't a shimmer that hardly shows up on your nail. I bought it at Nordstrom's because I really wanted a funky green color and I had nothing like it.

Dosh is green with little flecks of gold and green in the polish.

I know a lot of people don't like green polish. In fact, my husband says this looks like baby poop. But I'm so in love with blues and greens, so I don't really care. I actually really like this polish. It's a really cool color and in the sun you can see the little flecks of gold.

Three coats of Dosh

For my nails I used OPI Natural Nail Base Coat, Three coats of Dosh, One coat of Seche Vite topcoat. The formula is the same consistency as all other butter polishes. I had no problem getting it off the brush and it goes on the nail smoothly. This is one of butter's frosty looking polishes. The only other polish I have like that is Victoriana, which is a blueish green.

It looks different in all lights

butter London vs. OPI's Call My Cell-ery

I wanted to see how close the two formula's really were. I swatched three coats of Call My Cell-ery over OPI Natural Nail basecoat. 

Left - Three coats of Dosh. Right - Three coats of Call My Cell-ery

Well that's my post for the day! Tomorrow is Day 4 of Seven Days of butter. And, since this blog is called Puppies and Pawlish, I'll leave you with some puppy love!

Please read my mommy's blog! Love, Brinlee

In the words of our butter London friends.....Cheers!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Seven Days of butter London - KNEES UP!

Today's butter London polish is Knees Up!
Remember yesterday when I said I wasn't a big fan of red polish? Well this is the exception to the rule. I love this red. It's a shiny cherry red that butter describes as "a smashing metallic red perfect for getting smashed in." As is par for the course with butter polish names, Knees Up, refers to a drunken party in British slang.

Knees Up, my favorite red of all time!

In keeping with some of the other metallic polishes that butter has produced, Knees Up is fantastic. It's shiny, it's red - two things most girls love about polish. I have several of the metallic line of polishes and they are beautiful.

I love it so much, you can even see how much I've used it!

First off, let me say I've never had any problems with a single butter polish I own. I know it sounds like I work for them, but really I just love their brand. Knees Up is the perfect consistency and, honestly, you could get away with one coat. For picture purposes and flash purposes I used two coats. I started with two coats of OPI's Nail Envy, followed by two coats of Knees Up and a Seche Vite topcoat.
Two coats of Knees Up

Depending on light, this can go from a very deep blood red to a shiny cherry red. Either way, its gorgeous on my skin tone, which is considered to be between fair-medium. I would recommend this color to everyone. There are a lot of reds out there, but this by far is my favorite.

Favorite red, ever

I know butter London is a little expensive, but it's worth it! I have 19 polishes and I love every one of them. I've ordered them off their website several times and from Ulta and Nordstroms. They are a great company with fantastic customer service. Once, my order got lost and Marie was able to track it down in the warehouse for me. She emailed me back in under an hour! They also have a great Facebook page, so check them out!

Just like the back says, The High Price of Beauty? We don't think so. Neither do I!

Tomorrow, I'm going to show you another awesome butter London polish in my Seven Days of butter!


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Seven Days of butter London - SNOG (Picture heavy)

Welcome to Seven Days of butter London! Day 1 features Snog, a bright, happy pink!

For those of you new to butter London, the brand names all of their polish after British slang terms. The word snog refers to making out or kissing passionately. Pink is a perfect color for this word.

All butter London polishes feature a tag at the bottom like this

I love all things British. In fact, my husband says I was probably British in a past life. When I first saw these polishes, I knew I had to have one. Unfortunately, the closest place that sells them, Nordstroms, is about five hours away. Snog was the first butter London polish I ever bought. I picked it up at the King of Prussia Nordstroms over the summer.

butter London Snog

I absolutely love this color. I'm not a huge fan of reds, but I love hot pink or anything in the pinkish category. And, while this is billed as a bright pink, it looks darker, almost like fruit punch in most light.

This is a true representation of what it looks like on.
The formula is a dream to work with. Honestly, you can get away with one coat with out any VNL. It's creamy and easy to get off the brush. The biggest complaint from most people involves the handle. Since I have small hands, it's actually the perfect size for me.

One you lift off the square lid, this is what remains.
Since I've used Snog several times before, this time I tried something a little different. For both hands, I used OPI's Chip Skip, Seche Vite base coat and two coats of Snog. On my left hand, I used Seche Vite top coat, while on my right I used Hard Candy's Matte-ly In Love top coat. 

L - Hard Candy Matte top coat. R - Seche Vite top coat.

Two coats of Snog with Seche Vite topcoat.

All in all I love butter London polishes. They can be ordered from the butter London website www.butterlondon.com, Nordstroms.com or Ulta.com. Some Ulta stores also stock butter London, while all Nordstroms do. They retail for $14. 

Tomorrow I'll be taking a look at another butter London polish in Day 2 of Seven Days of butter London!


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

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