Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Seven Days of butter London - DOSH

Today's butter London polish is Dosh. Dosh is british slang for money or cash. On the butter London site, Dosh is considered a molten apple green shot through with gold.

Dosh, a perfect goldish green
When I first saw Dosh in the bottle, I thought wow that's a pretty green. It looks very similar to OPI's Call My Cell-ery with one big difference. Dosh isn't a shimmer that hardly shows up on your nail. I bought it at Nordstrom's because I really wanted a funky green color and I had nothing like it.

Dosh is green with little flecks of gold and green in the polish.

I know a lot of people don't like green polish. In fact, my husband says this looks like baby poop. But I'm so in love with blues and greens, so I don't really care. I actually really like this polish. It's a really cool color and in the sun you can see the little flecks of gold.

Three coats of Dosh

For my nails I used OPI Natural Nail Base Coat, Three coats of Dosh, One coat of Seche Vite topcoat. The formula is the same consistency as all other butter polishes. I had no problem getting it off the brush and it goes on the nail smoothly. This is one of butter's frosty looking polishes. The only other polish I have like that is Victoriana, which is a blueish green.

It looks different in all lights

butter London vs. OPI's Call My Cell-ery

I wanted to see how close the two formula's really were. I swatched three coats of Call My Cell-ery over OPI Natural Nail basecoat. 

Left - Three coats of Dosh. Right - Three coats of Call My Cell-ery

Well that's my post for the day! Tomorrow is Day 4 of Seven Days of butter. And, since this blog is called Puppies and Pawlish, I'll leave you with some puppy love!

Please read my mommy's blog! Love, Brinlee

In the words of our butter London friends.....Cheers!

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