Friday, November 9, 2012

butter London - Fiddlesticks and Jack the Lad

Today, I have the other two polishes I got from the butter London Holiday Collection called Fiddlesticks and Jack the Lad.

From left: Jack the Lad, Fiddlesticks and Scallywag
I will say that right off the bat, neither of these two compare to Scallywag. Scallywag was all glitter, while Jack the Lad and Fiddlesticks seem to be a mix of glitter, colored base and metallic sheen.

First up is Fiddlesticks. I decided to pair it with OPI's new Casino Royale from the Skyfall collection. It is a creme almost identical to the jelly base of Fiddlesticks.

OPI Casino Royale and Fiddlesticks

Fiddlesticks frustrated me. It's so pretty in the bottle, but it looks weird on my nails. You definitely have to use a top coat to make it shiny. Without, it looks dull. 

One coat of Casino Royale, two of Fiddlesticks

Maybe it's because I'm not a fuchsia girl, although I do like Casino Royale on its own. I couldn't get this off fast enough though. This is only the second time I've ever said that about a butter London polish too!

Fiddlesticks with flash
I didn't really like the formula of this one much either. The glitter went on fine, but it was goopy and thick. I can see it has potential so I'm going to try it again with another color of polish, maybe black.

Puppies and Pawlish give Fiddlesticks two paws for potential.

Next up is Jack the Lad. I debated between this and Scuppered, which is a brown polish, but I really liked the dark green, so I grabbed this one instead.

Pure Ice Femme Fatale and butter London Jack the Lad

I paired Jack the Lad with Pure Ice's new Velvet polish Femme Fatale. It was a great choice, because it really brought out the dark green of Jack the Lad, which seemed to have a metallic sheen of silver.

Jack the Lad - one coat

I really love this polish! It's a very dark green, so it's hard to see all the glitter in it up close, but believe me, it's there!

Jack the Lad with flash

Jack the Lad will make a perfect Christmas color for those who want bling, but not a ton!! It looks totally gorgeous with just one coat, but you can always add another if you want!

Puppies and Pawlish give Jack the Lad four paws up!!

And now for PUPPIES!! Zeke always comforts me when I'm upset and today while I was swatching I had a big bug run across my foot. It wasn't just any bug, but a big creepy millipede, which give me anxiety because I hate them so much. After jumping out and freaking out, my little guard puppy Zeke came and protected me while I finished swatching and taking pictures. Isn't he just the most bravest guard puppy ever?

I always protect my mommy, 'cuz I wub her!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

butter London - SCALLYWAG

Today I've got a lacquer from the butter London 2012 Holiday Collection. It's called Scallywag. It's turquoise glitter in a clear base. And it's gorgeous!!!

butter London Scallywag
Scallywag is part of a group of five glitters from butter London's Holiday Collection. The others are Jack the Lad, a dark green base with gold, turquoise and green glitter; Fairy Cake, a silver glitter in a grey base; a raspberry base with magenta glitter and Scuppered, a copper shimmer with pink, gold and green glitter.

Since I'm a blue girl, Scallywag immediately drew my attention. The colors at my wedding were turquoise and silver, so this is the perfect reminder of that awesome day!

butter London Blagger and Scallywag

When I saw this at Ulta, I immediately thought of a creme polish from butter London I have called Blagger. It's a bright blue that is a true one-coater. I decided it would be a perfect layer polish for Scallywag.
one coat of Blagger and one coat of Scallywag

And boy was I right! Both polishes only required one coat. Blagger gave that true blue base that really made the glitter pop. Scallywag definitely is a dense glitter that coats your nail easily. I had no bald spots and painted it on just like a creme. 

Scallywag with flash

All I can say is that it is absolutely gorgeous. I have always said that butter London makes the best glitter polishes. I have close to 3/4 of all of the glitters and I love all of them!

butter London glitter!!

I do have some tipwear in the photos, but I had already worn this polish for three days before I got a chance to take pictures. I can't say enough how much I love butter London's line. It is definitely one of my most favorite brands of polish.

2012 Holiday Collection - Scallywag

butter London retails for $14 at Ulta, which has this collection on their shelves now. You can also pick up these lacquers at the butter London site. They are running a 30% off special on their lacquers and lippys right now. Just use the code FRIENDS12 at the checkout to receive the discount.

Puppies and Pawlish gives Scallywag four paws up on this one!!
Even Brinlee thinks this one is totally awesome!

Princess Brinlee at the top of our stairs

Hope you enjoyed today's post! Check back soon for swatches of Jack the Lad and Fiddlesticks!