Thursday, July 26, 2012

Baseball Nails!!

Today I wanted to show you the baseball nails I did for the Oakland A's game that I am going to tomorrow night!
Disclaimer: I am a huge Detroit Tigers fan, but my favorite player is now with the A's, so I'm headed to Baltimore to see them play!

For those who aren't fans of baseball, the A's colors are green and yellow. They have some pretty cool retro uniforms too. Since I'm going to be wearing my Oakland A's Brandon Inge #7 shirt, I wanted to have matching nails.....and here they are!

Oakland A's nails!
For the green I chose OPI's Greenwich Village. It's a jelly finish and not as dark as I would like, but I had to make do with what I had. I may switch to neon green or maybe even Cult Nails' Toxic Seaweed before Friday. The yellow is one of my favorite OPI colors of all time - Need Sunglasses? I love this color. It's one of my favorite and the reason I didn't use that for a bottle shot is because it's half empty! 

Thumb - Greenwich Green; Middle three fingers - Need Sunglasses?; Pinkie - Greenwich Green

I'm excited to head to Baltimore to visit Camden Yards for the first time. For those who do not know, I work as a sports editor for my local newspaper. People think it's funny when I take my vacation to go to baseball games, but if there is one thing I love as much as polish and puppies, it's sports!

Let's go A's!
I'm also excited to head out to the game, because I was supposed to go see the Tigers when they came to Pittsburgh, which is about two hours away from me, but I got sick and had to give up my tickets. So this will be the first MLB game I've been to all year! Thanks to my hubby, I'll be sitting in the second row right next to the A's dugout, so I'm hoping to get some great pics of Brandon!

There is one downside about going away....

Mommy's Little Man!

I'm going to miss my puppies while I'm gone!! But they are in good hands, because their Pop (my dad) is coming to our house to babysit them for two whole days. That means they'll be spoiled rotten when we get home!

Have you ever done team nails before? If you have, leave me a comment and let me know what team you did and what polishes you used!! 

- Jaclyn

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Pedicure strips - Puppytooth!

Today I have a really great product from Sally Hansen's Salon Effects Pedicure strips line. I picked these up with a Target gift card recently for $8.99. They had about six different patterns to choose from, but being that I'm a puppy lover, the name Puppytooth drew me in!
The pattern is also called Houndstooth and was made famous by legendary Alabama football coach Bear Bryant, one of Brinlee's namesakes!

Salon Effects Pedicure Nail Polish Strips in Puppytooth

For those of you that have never tried any type of nail polish strip, I assure you it's totally easy. And, I'm a true klutz, so if I can do it, anyone can. I used the nail polish strips for my fingernails earlier this year in an Easter pattern with chickies on it and it lasted about two weeks before I took them off.

Each kit comes with several different sized nail strips, a nail file and a wooden cuticle stick

The kits are pretty easy to use, even on your toes. You need to make sure that you clean your toenails so that they are free of oil and debris. I use OPI's Chip Skip and it works awesomely. For those who don't have that, just take a cotton swab with polish remover and go over your naked toenails one final time before putting the strips on.

Example of Puppytooth strip. I used this size for my big toes.

Next you need to tear the strips apart and decide which size you need for each nail. Sometimes the strips are too small, so you need to use a bigger size and just file the excess off the sides. Once you have figured out what strips size you need, you take off the clear layer on top by pulling the blue tab. Then you will need to peel the strip from the backing by using the silver tab. I like to grab these strips right in the middle, because they are easier to maneuver that way.

One you've got the strip on your toe, take the file that's included and file the excess strips off the top of your toes. I like to use a bigger file on my toes since it's easier to reach. A medium grade file works great and the excess strip removes easily.

Puppytooth is such a cute pattern!!

Once you have put strips on all of your toes, I like to take a topcoat, in this case Poshe, and put it over each toe. It helps the strips last longer and it makes them shiny! You can reapply your topcoat every other day or every second day to help keep the pattern looking fresher longer.

Closeup of Puppytooth pattern
The nail polish strips are designed to last up to two weeks. I usually get bored before then, but I did leave my chickie strips on for close to two weeks. They are great for girls and guys on the run who don't have time to change polish and who don't want to deal with fixing chips.

Another look at Puppytooth

When you are ready to take the strips off, you just need a cotton ball and some polish remover. I did notice that Puppytooth is a little messier than some of the other patterns when removing, because the black gets gritty and it gets all over. However, it's worth the hassle because the strips look awesome on!

I know that CVS, Wal-Mart and Target are carrying these strips. The prices differ from $8.99-$11.99, but if you find a pattern you like, it's well worth the price. 

Puppies and Pawlish gives these nail strips two paws up!!

Before I go, here is some puppy spam of Brinlee.

Brinlee Belle Bear Bryant Wechtenhiser, aka B-cubed!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Puppies and Pawlish Blowout Blog Sale!!

Hi fellow polish lovers!!
I've put together a blog sale to try and weed out some of my polishes. My husband has put together two melmers for me and when the second one started to fill up, I knew I needed to get rid of some polish.

Most of the polish has only been swatched or used once. Some of it is brand new. I'm pricing them to sell because I'd like to have room for more polish.

Payment is by Paypal only. I will send you an invoice once you have selected the polishes you want. You may send via the gift option or regular option if you like. Any extra fees through the regular option will be added to the invoice.

I will not hold polishes. If there is something you are interested in, please email me at

Payment will be due within 24 hours. Once a sale has been made, those polishes will be marked with a line through them.

Shipping is $2 for the first bottle, .50 for each additional bottle. If you have enough bottles for a flat rate USPS box, I will ship them in that. This sale is open internationally, but please note the shipping will be calculated based on your country of residence.

Any questions, please feel free to ask!!

Now on to the POLISH!!

From Left: Mind Your Own Business, Don't Be Cheesy, Jail Bait

Cotton Mouth, Um, As If, Checkin' Into Rehab

ZOYA $4 each (First three swatched, Suvi - one mani)
Pippa, Tao, Akyra, Suvi

Lovely, Docinho, PowerFul

FINGER PAINTS FLAKIES - $10 All swatched once
Twisted, Flashy, Asylum

Brushstroke Blush, Art Dealer Teal-er

Let's Meet, San Francisco, Call You Later, Hottie

WET N WILD - $2 All BN
The Crown is Mine, Bow in My Presence, Born Into Privilege

FUNKY FINGERS - $3 All swatched on nail wheel
Wild Child, Stage Dive, Taffy Town

Teal Scales, Blue Glitter Scales

MOTIVES by LOREN REDINGER - $2 All swatched or used for one mani
Sunset Boulevard, Laguna Beach, Hard to Get, Spellbound, Cuticle Oil

Brilliant, Flair

RAZZLES - Scented Nail Polish BN $5

Color Institute - Blue Lagoon BN ($1), Hedy's - Bolts of Blue BN ($2), Lane Bryant - Unnamed Teal SWATCHED ($2), Claire's - Disco SWATCHED ($4)

Deborah Lippmann - Lady Sings the Blues ONE MANI ($10), Piggy Polish - Never Mind I'll Find Someone Like Blue - SWATCHED ($3), Pure Ice - Cheatin' BN ($1), SoFlaJo mini - Champagne Cocktail SWATCHED ($4).

Confetti - Debutante ONE MANI (.50), Wet n Wild - Candy Licious BN ($1), Nail Fetish - Fairy Dust BN ($1), Cover Girl - Fireworks BN (.50).

Back to Reality TV, Kendall on the Katwalk

Night Glow (one mani), Vamp Red (swatched), Black Pearl (one mani)

DS Extravagance - one mani ($10), Dim Sum Plum, Didgeridoo Your Nails?, Mod About You, Dulce De Leche

Pink BN, White (one mani), Black (two manis)

L.A. Colors Hardener/Strengthener SEE USAGE (.50), Seche Clear BN ($2), Professional Nail Care Top Coat BN (.50)

Fine Silver, Kitten, Time Off

Zeke says "I'm NOT FOR SALE!"

Monday, July 9, 2012

Color Club - WHAM! POW!

Lately, I been obsessed with neons. I got this mismatched Color Club set at Ross for $7.99. And honestly, I think I've already got my money out of it.
My favorite of the group, which was completely unnamed, is Wham! Pow! I had to do some digging to figure out which orange this was, but I'm pretty sure it is Wham! Pow! from the Poptastic collection.
I decided to do an accent nail of Rainbow Honey's Koi Pond too, since it has this bright neon orange glitter in it.

Color Club's Wham! Pow!, Rainbow Honey's Koi Pond and the cute box it came in

Wham! Pow! is a BRIGHT neon orange. You don't realize how neon it is until you are in the dark or natural light. My husband even commented on how bright it was!

Two coats of Wham! Pow!

I started with a layer of Barielle ridge filler, Essie all in one base, two coats of Wham! Pow!and a top coat of Poshe. You really only need one coat of Wham! Pow!, but I wanted to make sure I had any bald spots, nook and crannys filled in. For the accent nail, I used two coats of Koi Pond. It was a little thick, but I managed to get it spread out.

Electric orange neon anyone?

I love this color. It's probably the favorite in the group of polishes I got in the set. The set had a pink, fuchsia, purple, yellow and green along with the orange. I also love the purple and the fuchsia.

Here is a closeup of  Koi Pond as well.........

Two coats of Rainbow Honey's Koi Pond

Koi Pond looks very pretty in the bottle. It has a lot of blue, light blue, black, orange and silver glitter shapes in it. It's pretty thick in the bottle and it takes a lot of patience to get it on the nail. It seemed to definitely be in need of some thinner. It's the exact opposite of what I showed you the other day with The Worst Possible Thing. I'll try it again, but not until I put some thinner in it.

Before I go I'd like to send out a serious message to all of my puppy-loving pawlish friends..... 

Please do not leave your dogs in your car, even for a minute in this hot weather. Dogs can die very quickly in a hot car. If you don't believe me, go outside in 90-degree weather, roll up your windows and see how long you can sit inside without becoming uncomfortable. 

If you see a dog in a hot car, try and notify someone. If you think the dog is in danger, please do not hesitate to call the police or break a window. I'd rather pay for a window, then have a dog die in this heat. 

Also, please make sure you and your puppies stay hydrated. In this weather, dogs can get very dehydrated just like a human. I make sure I change out our dogs water to some cooler water every few hours. I also only let them out on the patio for less than 30 minutes at a time unless there is adequate shade. 

Remember puppies need water and need to stay cool!!

Fun in the summertime!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Rainbow Honey - The Worst Possible Thing

Today I have for you a polish by Rainbow Honey! It's from her Equestria Collection inspired by My Little Pony. Now for those of you who grew up in the 80's you know how popular My Little Pony was. My first pony was Bow Tie. It was a blue pony with pink mane and tail and it had little pink bow ties on it. I loved My Little Pony growing up and I think my friend Sarah may have had one of the biggest collections I've ever seen!

Rainbow Honey's The Worst Possible Thing

But lets get to the polish! The Worst Possible thing is patterned after Rarity the pony. It has opalescent flakes in purple and blue and a multitude of holographic and iridescent glitters. In other words, it's awesome!

Rainbow Honey's The Worst Possible Thing and Essie's Bikini so Teeny

Since it's a layering polish, I decided to see what it would look like over Essie's Bikini So Teeny from their new summer collection. Bikini So Teeny is a pale blue, bordering on periwinkle. 

Two coats of The Worst Possible Thing over Bikini So Teeny
I used two coats of The Worst Possible Thing over Bikini So Teeny. Rainbow Honey's formula is pretty awesome. The glitter goes on easy and you don't have to dab around to go over any missed bald spots. The only thing that's bad is that I got this one in a mini. While the brush is adequate, it's not very long, so I'm wondering how well it will pick up polish once it gets down some. 

Full view in sunlight

I'm a big fan of blues, so this caught my eye. I also picked up two more polishes from the Equestria collection, 20% Cooler and A Little Kindness. I also got a full-sized bottle of Koi Pond from a different collection. All of the polishes came in cute little boxes or mini ziplocs with the Rainbow Honey logo. Each bottle also had a cool identifying label on top.

Top of Bottle
All I can say is I love this!! I had such an easy time applying it and it looked great for almost five days before I chipped a nail and took it off. It glistens in the sun and it's hard to stop looking at your nails once it's on.

Closeup of two coats of The Worst Possible Thing
There are six core polishes in the collection and two special edition polishes that you get if you order the whole collection. I'm now kicking myself for not doing that. I'm a fan of indie polishes. But I've pretty much kept to buying indies from people I've known on the polish boards on Facebook. This was my first leap of faith on a brand where I didn't know the person making it. I definitely wasn't disappointed and plan to order more from Rainbow Honey in the future.

Rainbow Honey's The Worst Possible Thing in the shade

Rainbow Honey sells her large size (15 ml) polishes for $10 through her site. The smaller polishes (7ml) are $5. If you want to order the entire Equesteria collection, it's $70. I think the prices are extremely fair given the amount of time and effort that are obviously put into these polishes. Rainbow Honey is definitely right up there with some of my favorite indie brands like Girly BitsSoFlaJo and Polished Components

All in all this is my favorite of the collection so far. I've had a little bit of a fail with 20% Cooler, trying it over a polish I didn't like, but I plan to keep experimenting with it. The Worst Possible Thing gets two paws up in my book. If you love glitter or even My Little Pony, head over to Rainbow Honey's site and show her some love. Tell her Puppies and Pawlish sent you!

Speaking of puppies.... I've been having a blast taking pics of Zeke and Brinlee with my new camera. So here is some puppy spam before I go!

Brinlee patroling the wall in the backyard

And I don't want to leave out Zeke.

Zeke napping on the couch

Take care !!


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy to be BACK - Essie Off the Shoulder and Mojito Madness!!

Hi everyone!
I haven't posted in over six weeks. But I have an excuse. I spent a week in the hospital, two more weeks at home and the rest of the time getting caught up at work.
But thanks to my husband, puppies, painkillers and a stent in my kidney, I'm back!!!

While I was sick, I received two new polishes from Essie. The first one I got free as a promotion from Klout. It's basically an app that helps bloggers and others show how much influence they have on the different topics they talk about. In my case, puppies and nail polish. The other polish, I picked up at Target on one of my first days back out in the real world.

First up is the Essie I got as a freebie - Off The Shoulder

Off The Shoulder freebie

The package came with a press release about the new colors and one of the new colors. You didn't get a choice, but I was hoping for Off The Shoulder (dark hot pink), Mojito Madness (the green one) or Bikini So Teeny (the pale blue). 

Off The Shoulder - two coats

This is definitely a hotter pink that it looks in the picture. I've been trying to get used to my new camera and I'm still learning. Needless to say, I love this color! I like pinks, but only if they are the right shade. This is definitely a hot pink and it goes on great!

Much better representation of the color! It's a great hot pink!

I also picked up Mojito Madness and Bikini So Teeny at Target for $8.00. I really like greens and blues, and I have a hard time finding greens that suit me.

Mojito Madness

Once again my camera let me down. Or rather I let it down. :-) Anyway, this is definitely more of a rich, pastel green. 

Mojito Madness - Two Coats

Both of these polishes have really great formulas. I've seem to be hit and miss with essie even though I love their colors. It seems that some of the formulas are very thick and need thinned out, while others are perfect. For that reason, I've been buying essie when I see something I like.

Brightened up some to see a better representation

I've also used Bikini So Teeny, but that's for a different post, because it also includes a Rainbow Honey polish!! Zeke and Brinlee gave that one two paws up each!

I do apologize for the grainy pics. I promise I'm getting much better with my new camera. Before I go, I want to show you this really cool ring I got.

My Family Ring!

I recently found a lady who makes mother's rings out of crystals and wire. I bid on an auction she had on Tophatter, which is an auction site for artisans and anyone who has something they want to sell. She made the ring with birthstones of my family! From left, are Chris (February), Brinlee (May), Zeke (December) and Me (August)! It's so totally cool and I've gotten alot of compliments on it. Just because you aren't a human child mom, doesn't mean you can't have fun things to represent your babies! 

Well, I hope you enjoyed the post. I missed blogging!!