Monday, July 9, 2012

Color Club - WHAM! POW!

Lately, I been obsessed with neons. I got this mismatched Color Club set at Ross for $7.99. And honestly, I think I've already got my money out of it.
My favorite of the group, which was completely unnamed, is Wham! Pow! I had to do some digging to figure out which orange this was, but I'm pretty sure it is Wham! Pow! from the Poptastic collection.
I decided to do an accent nail of Rainbow Honey's Koi Pond too, since it has this bright neon orange glitter in it.

Color Club's Wham! Pow!, Rainbow Honey's Koi Pond and the cute box it came in

Wham! Pow! is a BRIGHT neon orange. You don't realize how neon it is until you are in the dark or natural light. My husband even commented on how bright it was!

Two coats of Wham! Pow!

I started with a layer of Barielle ridge filler, Essie all in one base, two coats of Wham! Pow!and a top coat of Poshe. You really only need one coat of Wham! Pow!, but I wanted to make sure I had any bald spots, nook and crannys filled in. For the accent nail, I used two coats of Koi Pond. It was a little thick, but I managed to get it spread out.

Electric orange neon anyone?

I love this color. It's probably the favorite in the group of polishes I got in the set. The set had a pink, fuchsia, purple, yellow and green along with the orange. I also love the purple and the fuchsia.

Here is a closeup of  Koi Pond as well.........

Two coats of Rainbow Honey's Koi Pond

Koi Pond looks very pretty in the bottle. It has a lot of blue, light blue, black, orange and silver glitter shapes in it. It's pretty thick in the bottle and it takes a lot of patience to get it on the nail. It seemed to definitely be in need of some thinner. It's the exact opposite of what I showed you the other day with The Worst Possible Thing. I'll try it again, but not until I put some thinner in it.

Before I go I'd like to send out a serious message to all of my puppy-loving pawlish friends..... 

Please do not leave your dogs in your car, even for a minute in this hot weather. Dogs can die very quickly in a hot car. If you don't believe me, go outside in 90-degree weather, roll up your windows and see how long you can sit inside without becoming uncomfortable. 

If you see a dog in a hot car, try and notify someone. If you think the dog is in danger, please do not hesitate to call the police or break a window. I'd rather pay for a window, then have a dog die in this heat. 

Also, please make sure you and your puppies stay hydrated. In this weather, dogs can get very dehydrated just like a human. I make sure I change out our dogs water to some cooler water every few hours. I also only let them out on the patio for less than 30 minutes at a time unless there is adequate shade. 

Remember puppies need water and need to stay cool!!

Fun in the summertime!

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