Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Pedicure strips - Puppytooth!

Today I have a really great product from Sally Hansen's Salon Effects Pedicure strips line. I picked these up with a Target gift card recently for $8.99. They had about six different patterns to choose from, but being that I'm a puppy lover, the name Puppytooth drew me in!
The pattern is also called Houndstooth and was made famous by legendary Alabama football coach Bear Bryant, one of Brinlee's namesakes!

Salon Effects Pedicure Nail Polish Strips in Puppytooth

For those of you that have never tried any type of nail polish strip, I assure you it's totally easy. And, I'm a true klutz, so if I can do it, anyone can. I used the nail polish strips for my fingernails earlier this year in an Easter pattern with chickies on it and it lasted about two weeks before I took them off.

Each kit comes with several different sized nail strips, a nail file and a wooden cuticle stick

The kits are pretty easy to use, even on your toes. You need to make sure that you clean your toenails so that they are free of oil and debris. I use OPI's Chip Skip and it works awesomely. For those who don't have that, just take a cotton swab with polish remover and go over your naked toenails one final time before putting the strips on.

Example of Puppytooth strip. I used this size for my big toes.

Next you need to tear the strips apart and decide which size you need for each nail. Sometimes the strips are too small, so you need to use a bigger size and just file the excess off the sides. Once you have figured out what strips size you need, you take off the clear layer on top by pulling the blue tab. Then you will need to peel the strip from the backing by using the silver tab. I like to grab these strips right in the middle, because they are easier to maneuver that way.

One you've got the strip on your toe, take the file that's included and file the excess strips off the top of your toes. I like to use a bigger file on my toes since it's easier to reach. A medium grade file works great and the excess strip removes easily.

Puppytooth is such a cute pattern!!

Once you have put strips on all of your toes, I like to take a topcoat, in this case Poshe, and put it over each toe. It helps the strips last longer and it makes them shiny! You can reapply your topcoat every other day or every second day to help keep the pattern looking fresher longer.

Closeup of Puppytooth pattern
The nail polish strips are designed to last up to two weeks. I usually get bored before then, but I did leave my chickie strips on for close to two weeks. They are great for girls and guys on the run who don't have time to change polish and who don't want to deal with fixing chips.

Another look at Puppytooth

When you are ready to take the strips off, you just need a cotton ball and some polish remover. I did notice that Puppytooth is a little messier than some of the other patterns when removing, because the black gets gritty and it gets all over. However, it's worth the hassle because the strips look awesome on!

I know that CVS, Wal-Mart and Target are carrying these strips. The prices differ from $8.99-$11.99, but if you find a pattern you like, it's well worth the price. 

Puppies and Pawlish gives these nail strips two paws up!!

Before I go, here is some puppy spam of Brinlee.

Brinlee Belle Bear Bryant Wechtenhiser, aka B-cubed!

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