Saturday, January 14, 2012

Seven Days of butter London - Tart With a Heart

On the final day of Seven Days of butter London, I wanted to show you one of their fabulous glitters - Tart With a Heart!

I picked up Tart With a Heart at my local Ulta in a duo with The Black Knight. At first, I wasn't sure if I liked it, but once I started to layer it over different colors, I realized how awesome it really is. For my swatches, I used butter's HRH, a metallic purple as a base.

The top label got stuck to the bottom of the duo box. This is what the label underneath looks like if you pull off the SKU tag.

There is no definition in the butter London dictionary for the term Tart With a Heart, so that means it's literally just that. You can find the butter London dictionary, which lists most of the polishes slang terms at

Tart With a Heart is a pale pink parade of glitter that carries a dash of grey to tone down the sugar and ramp up the spice. It looks more gold to me, but it's very iridecesent, so its hard to tell.

Middle - Three coats of TWAH. Pinkie, pointer and  ring fingers have one coat of HRH and two coats of TWAH.

This polish is very easy to work with. Sometimes glitter polishes will gunk up on me or not spread evenly. Like the case with the other glitters from BL, this one is fantastic to work with.

Tart With Heart = awesome!

Thanks for reading all of my Seven Days of butter London. Before I end the post, I just wanted to show you one more pic ....

My butter collection!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!



  1. what other colors do you have? I'm loving the color selection of your BL collection!!

  2. OMG..... I have (top row) Royal Navy, Big Smoke, Blagger, Bluey, Henley Regatta, Victoriana, Dosh, Wallis.
    Middle row is The Black Knight, Chimney Sweep and Diamond Geezer. Then HRH, Toff and Rosie Lee. Outside of middle row is Snog and Knees Up, which is cut off.
    Bottom row is Tart With a Heart, The Full Monty and Cheeky Chops.
    Not shown are Trout Pout and Slapped. :-)
    Thanks for your comment!!


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