Sunday, January 8, 2012

Seven Days of butter London - SNOG (Picture heavy)

Welcome to Seven Days of butter London! Day 1 features Snog, a bright, happy pink!

For those of you new to butter London, the brand names all of their polish after British slang terms. The word snog refers to making out or kissing passionately. Pink is a perfect color for this word.

All butter London polishes feature a tag at the bottom like this

I love all things British. In fact, my husband says I was probably British in a past life. When I first saw these polishes, I knew I had to have one. Unfortunately, the closest place that sells them, Nordstroms, is about five hours away. Snog was the first butter London polish I ever bought. I picked it up at the King of Prussia Nordstroms over the summer.

butter London Snog

I absolutely love this color. I'm not a huge fan of reds, but I love hot pink or anything in the pinkish category. And, while this is billed as a bright pink, it looks darker, almost like fruit punch in most light.

This is a true representation of what it looks like on.
The formula is a dream to work with. Honestly, you can get away with one coat with out any VNL. It's creamy and easy to get off the brush. The biggest complaint from most people involves the handle. Since I have small hands, it's actually the perfect size for me.

One you lift off the square lid, this is what remains.
Since I've used Snog several times before, this time I tried something a little different. For both hands, I used OPI's Chip Skip, Seche Vite base coat and two coats of Snog. On my left hand, I used Seche Vite top coat, while on my right I used Hard Candy's Matte-ly In Love top coat. 

L - Hard Candy Matte top coat. R - Seche Vite top coat.

Two coats of Snog with Seche Vite topcoat.

All in all I love butter London polishes. They can be ordered from the butter London website, or Some Ulta stores also stock butter London, while all Nordstroms do. They retail for $14. 

Tomorrow I'll be taking a look at another butter London polish in Day 2 of Seven Days of butter London!


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