Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nails Inc. - QVC exclusive Westminster Abbey

Today I have a really quick post for you on one of the QVC exclusives that was a part of their Today's Special Value last week.
It was a 10-piece set that included six full sized polishes and four minis. It was $32.88 for the TSV and is now priced at $36.18.

Here is a pic of the set and where to get it.....

Nails Inc. 10-piece Best of British set  (QVC pic)

The colors included are 
  • 0.33-fl-oz The Thames, a cool gray shade
  • 0.33-fl-oz Porchester Square, a mushroom nude
  • 0.33-fl-oz Jermyn Street, a classic taupe
  • 0.33-fl-oz Lower Regent Street, a deep cerise pink--exclusive to QVC until 9/30/13
  • 0.33-fl-oz Tate, a classic red
  • 0.33-fl-oz Great Marlborough Street, a deep plum--exclusive to QVC through 9/30/13
  • 0.13-fl-oz Upper Brook Street, a deep metallic navy
  • 0.13-fl-oz Westminster Abbey, a gold metallic shimmer--exclusive to QVC through 9/30/13
  • 0.13-fl-oz Chelsea Square, a rose gold glitter
  • 0.13-fl-oz Electric Lane, a silver holographic glitter
I picked out Westminster Abbey from the exclusives to show you. It's a gold metallic shimmer that reminds me a lot of The Full Monty from Butter London.

Westminster Abbey mini

It's a pretty shade and I think would make a great toenail color in the summer. It needs two coats, but applies like a dream. I had no bald patches or issues with lines.

Westminster Abbey

Sorry for the crummy pic. it's hard to capture this with a flash and I had no sun to work with today outside. It is definitely a gold metallic. There is no leaning to rose gold or the type of gold in the new OPI Goldfinger polish. And, despite it being a mini, the brush was pretty good.

I also threw on a coat of one of the polishes I was most excited to get - The Thames. I know it's funny to get excited over a grey creme, but I just hadn't found one I really liked....until now!

The Thames one coat

This polish is awesome. It went on smooth and wasn't goopy. It also only needed one coat!! So far, the wear time on these polishes seem to be okay. I didn't have any chips on The Thames after three days. It looks really good on nubbins too. I cut my nails down to get a fresh start after breaking two opening a box. I'm now using Duri Rejuvacote, so we'll see how that works out. 

Before I go, just wanted to share an awesome pic of Zeke I got recently. Zeke will be a celebrity spokesdog during our local SPCA fundraiser next week. He will get "arrested" and have to raise his bail by calling people for donations. It's a great cause for our local shelter, the Clearfield SPCA, which serves several counties, but gets no state help. They rely solely on donations. So Zeke and I are excited to take part!

Puppy Prisoner!!


  1. Aww man I'm sad I missed it as TSV! I'm following you because there are just too man similarities between us - similar name, same state, same love for polish ;)
    Also, Zeke is adorable. I doubt he is in "jail" for long!

  2. Im not a big lover of Gold polish.....but i do like Greys, its one of my favs so i do like The Thames.

  3. The Thames One coat is super bangin!


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