Thursday, February 9, 2012

Polished Components - Earth's Day

Hello everyone!
Yesterday I told you I would show you a polish I got from my friend Ashley Kersey at Polished Components etsy store. She has some great stuff in there, including Earth's Day, which is a special effects top coat. It turns from green to rose to gold. And it's gorgeous!

Earth's Day over Revlon Rain Forest

This polish works best on darker polishes, like black, navy blue or dark green. I think I spent an hour yesterday just moving my fingers back and forth to watch the color change. Polished Components polishes are a great price too. I bought four of the "Day" polishes (Earth, Water, Fire and Soul). There is also one called Air's Day. There is a corresponding group of five "Night" polishes too. You can pick them up for $4 (.5 ml bottle). Or you can group them together for a great deal.

One coat of Rain Forest and one coat of Earth's Day

When you get these home, you may think they look a little similar. But if you hold them up to the light, you can see the holographic quality and figure out which colors it would look good over top of. 

I've ordered a few polishes made by friends I've met online and Ashley's are top notch. I received then in just a few days. Please consider checking out her store!

Tomorrow, I have another great holographic topcoat, as well as that awesome hand scrub I picked up from Cake!

Till then, here is a little Zeke puppy spam for you!

Hope you liked Mommy's blog today!


  1. Great post. Thank you so much for sharing. I just ordered four of her polishes! :)

  2. You will love them Steph! They are really pretty.

  3. They are so amazing - I seriously need to get the other elementals! Love the name of your blog too - sooooo clever and cute!!!


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