Friday, February 10, 2012

Ozotic 532 and cake hand scrub -PICTURE HEAVY

Hey ladies!
Today I have an awesome polish for you! It's called 532 from Ozotic. Seems like a simple name, but this is anything but a simple polish!

Ozotic 532

Ozotics come from the land of Australia. At least that's where mine came from. A friend wanted to do a group order, so I decided to go in and get a polish. I chose 532. It's a gorgeous purply, blue, silver holo.

Holo polishes seem to work best over a darker polish, so the day that mine came, I ran to CVS and picked up a cheapy Sally Hansen black creme. It's called Black Out. I used one coat of Black Out with one coat of 532, topped off with a nice shiny topcoat of Seche Vite. All I can say is ......awesome!

One coat of Ozotic 532
Needless to say, I've gotten a ton of compliments on this polish. When I was out covering a high school basketball game, the two scorekeepers from the visiting team said how much they loved my nails! It's a very pretty polish and watching it change colors has become a new hobby of mine!

Up close shot of Ozotic 532

I actually just picked up another Ozotic, 513, recently in a blog sale. I can't wait to get more of this polish! I'd really like to get the light blue holo they make. This polish is rather expensive though. It goes for $17.50 on llarowe, but it's one of the few places you can find it. We made a group order with Picture Polish in Australia, but the shipping would be super expensive (we got ours free after an out of stock issue kept it from coming back on a plane with someone). I keep snooping around blog sales hoping to find more.

Before I go, I also wanted to show you a hand scrub I recently got at It's called cake-milk made smoothing hand and cuticle buffer.

cake hand scrub

I really love the OPI hand scrub, but was looking for an alternative for when I wasn't going to the salon as much. I settled on this. It's a 4.9 fl. oz jar and retails for $16. It's out of stock right now at, but you can get it for $18 at the cake beauty site

approved by puppies and pawlish too!

The hand scrub smells awesome. It's formulated with sugar, milk proteins, avocado, coconut oils and is vitamin packed, according to the label. I'm not sure what vitamins are in it, but it left my hands feeling silky smooth after 30 seconds!

The little spoon is included! This is what it looks like once it's all stirred up!

The scrub is easy to use. Once you get the bottle home, you need to take the little spoon that's included and mix up the sugar and the oils. It takes a good swirl. Then you take a little amount, I probably use less than half the spoon. You put a little on your palm and rub it all over your hands, concentrating on the cuticles.

scrub a dub dub!!

I used it just before putting on my ozotic polish. You should also use some lotion afterwards. I like OPI avojuice in coconut melon. Make sure you only use the scrub for 30 seconds. I did it about 15 to 20 seconds longer not realizing it and my hands were a little sore. The next time I used it, I timed myself and I had no issues. This product does wonders for my cuticles!

Well I hope you enjoyed today's post!!
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  1. That scrub sounds amazing... I may have to look into that!

  2. It's fantastic! I love the smell of it. I couldn't believe how soft my cuticles were!


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