Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Hello everyone!!
Today I have a really great polish for you. It's from the Girly Bits line, which is made by my polish friend Pam Heil. She does amazing work, and this polish is no exception! Pam sells her polishes through her website Pam's Girly Bits and will also be selling through llarowe sometime this month.

Girly Bits Cosmic Ocean

When I first saw Cosmic Ocean, I knew I had to have it. I mean it's a blue holographic polish! I think I love duochrome polishes more than glitter or flakies. This is a blue/green/purple duochrome polish, which is intended to be used as a topcoat.

Revlon Colorstay in Midnight topped with Cosmic Ocean
For this picture I used the new Revlon Colorstay polish in Midnight. That polish is gorgeous on its own, but once you add a coat of Cosmic Ocean ---- WOW! I used a base coat of Sally Hansen Strengthner, one coat of Midnight, one coat of Cosmic Ocean and a topcoat of Seche Vite.

So sparkly and pretty!
Pam says on her website that it is very hard to capture this polish by camera and she's right. Being a duochrome it looks different in all types of light. Pam sells this color, along with many others on her site. A 5ml bottle is $6, while a 15ml bottle is $10. She ships from Canada, but it comes very quickly!

This is the really cute packaging the polish comes in! I love Pam's logo!

Here is one last picture I took of Cosmic Ocean. This is without a flash. 

You can see more of the green in this photo.

All I can say, is if you can get your hands on some Girly Bits polish, do it! It's a pleasure to deal with Pam and her polish is worth the money and the short wait. I'm already planning to place another order in the near future. 

Before I go, I wanted to share a picture of the nail mail/Walmart haul I got the other day. Along with Girly Bits, I also picked up four duochrome polishes from my friend Ashley Kersey at Polished Components. Tomorrow, I will have a review of one of her polishes called Earth's Day! It's stunning!

Front, from left, Soul's Day, Earth's Day, Cosmic Ocean, Water's Day and Fire's Day. In back are Revlon Scented Grape Icy, Revlon Color Stay in Rain Forest, Sally Hansen glitter, Revlon Color Stay in Midnight and Revlon Scented in Raspberry Rapture.
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