Monday, March 19, 2012

Lynnderella - THANK BLUE

Today I got nail mail! I received my Lynnderella Wish List order from Llarowe. I picked up Thank Blue and The Glittering Crowd. I couldn't get over how awesome Thank Blue looked in the bottle. Pictures don't really do it justice, you have to see it in person to get what I'm saying. But I did take some photos to show, so here we go.

Lynnderella - Thank Blue and The Glittering Crowd

I have had three other Lynderella polishes. I swapped Choco-lotta Love, but still have Bibbity Bobbity Boo Blue and Connect the Dots. I have to say that Thank Blue is my favorite out of all of them. Since I had just put a coat of OPI's Dutch Ya Just Love OPI? on as the mailman was dropping off my package, I used it as my base.

One coat of Thank Blue over Dutch Ya Just Love OPI?

I had intended to put The Glittering Crowd on all of my fingers, but put it on my ring fingers before deciding I had to try Thank Blue. That's what ended up on the rest of my fingers and it's gorgeous!!

Close up of Thank Blue

Like I said, pictures don't really do it justice. It has several different colored glitters as well as holographic glitter, which makes it pop on any color. I'm going to try light blue and pink next to see what it would look like. But it's a definite one coater. Some glitters are hard to get on and you have to move them around with a brush. Not this one. It's probably the best glitter out of Lynn's line I have used.

Here's another closeup of Thank Blue!

The only seller of Lynnderella is Llarowe. You have to go through a wish list process. It can be time consuming, but it works. Since I'm a W last name, I was able to get both the polishes I wanted on the first try. I will have to wait for everyone to get what they wanted before I resubmit a new list. Some people had 10-12 polishes on their wishlists, but at $15 a pop, I didn't want to be stuck not being able to pay since I didn't know when I'd actually get an invoice. 

I have a couple of other colors I'd like to try, but for now, I'm happy with the two I got. Here is a closeup of The Glittering Crowd, which uses over 30 different types and colors of glitters.

One coat of The Glittering Crowd

It doesn't cover as well in one coat, so I would suggest two. This is one of the polishes Lynn is retiring, so the only way you'll be able to get one is by going on eBay or finding someone who is willing to swap it. I'm definitely holding on to this one!

Before I go, it's usually tradition for me to put up some puppy spam for all to see. We wouldn't be Puppies and Pawlish without it! But this week, I have a different kind of spam for you - hubby spam!! 

Last weekend, my husband Chris, who is the assistant sports editor at a local newspaper here, received the PWR Media Award of Excellence for his wrestling coverage. It's given to one writer every year at the Pennsylvania High School Wrestling Championships. Since I'm so proud of him, I wanted to show everyone a picture of him getting his award. He is on the right in the snazzy purple tie! 

Former Harrisburg Patriot News writer Rod Frisco, left, presents the PWR Media Award of Excellence to
Chris Wechtenhiser, right
Zeke and Brinlee are also so proud of their award-winning father as am I! 
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Puppies & Pawlish!!!?!?! *squeal* Hooray! Those are pretty much my two favorite things too! I'm so jealous of your Lynnderellas, I hadn't seen Thank Blue before, it is amazing! It looks great over Dutch Ya Just Love OPI!


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