Thursday, March 15, 2012

China Glaze - Magnetix Cling On

Today I have one of the new China Glaze Magnetix polishes for you. It's the green called Cling On. I wanted a nice green for my St. Patty's Day mani, so when my manicurist (the awesome Tammie at Nails by Nicci) suggested this, I was all for it.

For those of you who don't know about magnetic polish, basically it's a nail polish where you take a magnet and make awesome patterns with it. The China Glaze magnet (which is sold separately) has three different designs on it. I chose the one called attraction line.

One coat of Cling On

As you can see, the result is AWESOME! I was Tammie's first mani using the polish and she did a great job!!  All you do is put the polish on one nail at a time. Once you have the polish on, you take the magnet and hold it close to the nail for 15 seconds. Then VOILA! you have a design or pattern.

I love this pattern!!

I think it's a little easier when someone does it for you, so you aren't fumbling around with a magnet with wet nails. We used Essie base coat, one coat of Cling On and one coat of Seche Vite. 

The green really changes from a dark Army green to a light, goldish green.

There are six colors in the Magnetix collection - You Move Me (brown), Pull Me Close (blue), Instant Chemistry (wine), Drawn To You (purple) and Attraction (grey/silver). These can be purchased from Sally Beauty or Ulta

Full Hand Shot

All in all, I love this polish! I'm so sad I didn't pick it up when Sally's had their leap day sale! I can't wait to try some of the other colors as well. 
On a side note, I did get a fantastic gift from my awesome mother-in-law Lydia (Hi Lydia!) over the weekend. She bought me the turquoise Layla Magnetic polish. I'm going to try it next! 
Before I go, I have to share a funny picture with you all. You know the little mansky Zeke Wechtenhiser? Well I was out taking pictures today for my post and as I looked through them I noticed something funny......

Zeke getting ready to lift his leg to go potty.

Yep, I'm taking pictures as he non-chalantly moves into the frame and lifts his leg to go potty. Oh my, I laughed so hard. Apparently, he doesn't share his mommy's polish love! 

Hope you enjoyed today's post!!

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