Monday, August 6, 2012

ORLY - Mermaid Tale

Today I have a polish from the Orly Flash Glam FX line. It's called Mermaid Tale. The actual line has 22 different polishes that are meant to be layered over other polishes, including Liquid Vinyl, which is Orly's creme black polish.

I picked up Mermaid Tale with my birthday coupon from Sally's. I only have a total of four Orly polishes in my stash, including two I picked up during their clearance sale.
But on to Mermaid Tale, which is a holographic glitter filled with little green and large green glitters.

Mermaid Tale from Orly

For my layering polish, I chose China Glaze's Deviantly Daring from their new Bohemian collection. It's a duochrome blue-green polish and I thought it would be great to layer Mermaid Tale over.

Left: Orly Mermaid Tale; Right: China Glaze Deviantly Daring

I used a base coat of Essie's Rock Solid, and one coat of Deviantly Daring. It's a great polish I hope to show you in another post. While most glitters can be tricky to apply, I have found Mermaid Tale is different. It's actually pretty smooth and easy to apply and only needed one coat of Poshe topcoat to smooth out.

Two coats of Mermaid Tale

I used two coats of Mermaid Tale to achieve total coverage results. One coat will suffice for those who don't want a lot of bling, but two will knock your socks off.

Mermaid Tale in the sun

The glitter in this is really pretty. It can be layered over several different colors to get different results. Orly suggests black, but I think a dark green, navy or even gold would be awesome colors to try it over. It's got a great consistency and it isn't lumpy or thick.

Closeup of back of the bottle in sunlight

Some people tend to shy away from glitter polish because it can be hard to remove. I've heard people say they only use one thin coat so that they don't have to scrub at the glitter to get it off. Ladies, it doesn't have to be this way!! When you get a glitter top coat this pretty, you should use two or three coats if that's what you like.

Mermaid Tale two coats with one coat of Poshe topcoat

Most of my polish lovers who are crazy over glitter polish know there is an easy solution to taking off a glitter this pretty. It starts with acetone, cotton balls and aluminum foil. YES, you heard me. If you want your glitter to slide right off all you need to do is put some acetone on a cotton ball and wrap your finger with said cotton ball in aluminum foil. 

Easy removal via the foil method

I usually cut my foil into 10 small strips. I soak the top of a cotton ball and then put it on my nail before wrapping it in the foil. Wait 2-4 minutes depending on how many coats of glitter you have on, then twist the foil and cotton ball right off. Voila! All or most of the glitter will come off. You may have a few specks here and there, but they are easy to remove with a free cotton ball because they have already been loosened by the acetone. 

Glitter top coats make boring polish bling!

Now that you know how easy it is to remove glitter polish, RUN out and get a few of the Orly Glam FX colors. They have some really great glitter topcoats, some with bar glitter and some with regular glitter, but all are very pretty!

I'm planning on picking up a couple more of these as soon as I get a chance. They are so easy to apply and the colors really bling, especially in the sunlight. Puppies and Pawlish give Mermaid Tale two paws up!

Before I go, remember the baseball game I was going to? Here's a pic my husband took of me in the outfield before the game. We had great seats right in front of third base, which is were my favorite player Brandon Inge plays for the A's. All of the Baltimore fans were awesome and we had a fantastic time because the A's won!!

Me rocking my Brandon Inge Oakland A's shirt!

Till next time!

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