Tuesday, August 7, 2012

China Glaze - Pool Party

I've been obsessed with neons lately. I think in the past few weeks if I've seen a neon and it's a shade I didn't have, I bought it! I especially love the green and pink neons.

Today, I have a neon from the 2010 China Glaze Poolside collection. The bright neon pink, called Pool Party, is a part of their core collection now.

China Glaze Pool Party

Like most neons, Pool Party needs at least two coats. It can be tricky to apply, but I've found that if even you have some streakiness, it's easy to flatten it out with a second coat or a coat of top coat.
For this application, I used Essie's Rock Solid as a basecoat, two coats of Pool Party and a coat of Poshe topcoat.

China Glaze Pool Party in shade outdoors

This polish is a little deceiving in the fact that it looks way brighter in person than in pictures. It's definitely a neon and you can tell best outside or in incandescent light. It reminds me of a bright watermelon neon and it's very pretty.

China Glaze Pool Party in sunlight

I only used two coats of Pool Party, but three is probably ideal. I was in a hurry to get to work, so I didn't want to wait for the third coat to dry. You can see a little VNL on my middle finger, but it's not as noticeable on the others.

China Glaze Pool Party indoors
In the indoor shots, it does look a little orangey, but it's definitely not. The shade shot outdoors is probably the best representation of this color.

China Glaze Pool Party shade outdoors

It's definitely one of my favorite China Glaze neons. It's an interesting shade and it does draw a lot of attention. I would put this right up there in my top five neons. The watermelon color is pretty, but it doesn't scream out, "Look at me, I'm wearing neon polish!!"

China Glaze Pool Party indoors - no flash

Some of the other shades from this collection, including Sun Worshipper and Flip Flop Fantasy are easy to find at your local China Glaze retailer. In my case, Sally Beauty Supply. The others like Kiwi Cool-Ada and Towel Boy Toy are a little harder to find but can be bought at places online like Victoria's Nail Supply or amazon.com

Puppies and Pawlish gives Pool Party two paws up!! As always, here's a picture of Zeke to round out the post!

What? Mommy bought ANOTHER neon polish?


  1. Very pretty. There were so many pretty neons this summer. It is had to believe it is time to start thinking about fall colors.

    <3 Shannon

  2. Love the puppy ;)

    I love neon but have not found a brand that I like. I hate the way they all apply. I guess neon and I have to part ways. We got along so well in public school in the 80's :o( I don't know what happened....


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