Tuesday, October 9, 2012

China Glaze - Roguish Red

Today I have a polish from the new China Glaze Wicked collection for Halloween. It's called Roguish Red. I'm usually not a big fan of red or orange polishes, but I saw this in a set of four, so I thought I'd give it a try.

Roguish Red
This color is definitely a tomatoey red. It gives off a red orange vibe. It looks more orangeish depending on what type of light you are in, but for the most part looks red.

Two coats of Roguish Red

I used Essie's Rock Solid base coat, two coats of Roguish Red and a Color Club top coat. It was a pretty smooth application. It wasn't goopy and you can get away with one coat if you are in a hurry. I could still see some visible nail line, so I added a second coat. 

Roguish Red with a flash

Like I said, I'm not a big fan of reds, but for some reason this really catches my eye. I love Halloween, so maybe that's why I like it. The other three colors that came in the set were Bizarre Blurple, Glitter Goblin and Ghoulish Glow. I'll try and get to all four before Halloween, so that you can see some swatches.

Roguish Red in regular light

I think this a very pretty color. I'm not sure I'd go call it a Halloween color, but it's close enough. A couple of bat stamps and it may look festive. I'm very impressed with the application though. It isn't goopy like some China Glaze's can be. Plus, the four bottle set was only $8.99 at Sally's Beauty Supply, so it was worth the cost.

Closeup of Roguish Red in natural light

I'm definitely going to put this one in the keep pile. I may use it from time to time in the fall. While, I don't think it's a true Halloween color, it's definitely a fall red! China Glaze retails from $4.99-7.99 depending on where you get it. I usually pick up most of mine at Sally's Beauty Supply because they have a discount on China Glaze if you have a Sally's card. 

I've done a quick swatch of Bizarre Blurple and Glitter Goblin and both are very interesting. I'll save those for another day though!!

Before I go, I wanted to share a picture of Zeke and Brinlee napping on their favorite blanket in the world. It's an old San Francisco Giants blanket my husband has had forever. The pups have claimed it as their own.

Brinlee and Zeke on the couch in their designated nap spot!

Hope you enjoyed today's post!!

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