Thursday, May 3, 2012

CATRICE - Blue Cara Ciao

A couple of weeks ago, I did a swap with my friend Laura from the Netherlands. She lives very close to Germany, so she has access to polishes like Catrice. For those who don't know about Catrice, it's a German-made brand that retails for around $3 US. Their formula is awesome and now I have several thanks to Laura!!

Today's polish is a blue called Blue Cara Ciao. It reminds me of what deep blue water looks like.

Catrice's Blue Cara Ciao

First off, let me say that I only had one Catrice before my swap with Laura and I loved it. The formula is awesome and I like the brushes even though they are smaller than OPI brushes. This too was a dream to apply.

Two coats of Blue Cara Ciao

For my base coat I used Essie's all in one base. Then I added two coats of Blue Cara Ciao and a top coat of Seche Vite. There are no problems with shrinkage like Seche seems to do with some other brands.

Blue Cara Ciao
In the picture above, I filled in the spots where the flash looked funny. It bothered me to see so much white, so that's why the nails look almost matted. 

Blue Cara Ciao in natural light
Here's a pic of what the color looks like in natural light. It was dark out the day I took my pics, so I don't have any outdoors. This is a great blue. It's very vivid and I think it would look awesome on any skin type. For those ladies who haven't tried a true blue nail polish yet, this is a great shade to try. Although Catrice isn't sold in the United States, if you are involved on the polish boards and can find someone awesome like Laura, you may be able to do a swap!

Thanks again to my friend Laura, and her adorable son Yari, for packaging up my goodies so nice and including all of the wonderful candy!!

Puppies and Pawlish gives Catrice's Blue Cara Ciao two PAWS up!!

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  1. I love this shade! Makes me want to go swimming! Also, I've tagged you for some blog awards! See my post here!


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